PEMF Therapy

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What is PEMF Therapy?

  PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic fields) is the delivery of low frequency pulsed waveforms to the body. This allows our 70 trillion cells in the human body to be refreshed and rise to optimal cellular communication in all the systems of the body.


  This therapy is used for many types of healing and was established in Europe approximately 30 years ago. Since then, the European Medical Community has conducted thousands of scientific clinical studies regarding the positive benefits of PEMF.


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  Having healthy cells is not a passive process. Active, regular ‘tuning-up’ of our cells is not only feasible but also necessary to slow aging and reduce the risk of cell dysfunction. Unnoticeable cell dysfunction that is not corrected early can lead to disease. Regular 'tuning-up' of the cells can be done daily in only minutes, using pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMFs). In addition, when there is a known imbalance (when symptoms are present) or there is a known disease or condition, PEMF treatments, used either alone or along with other therapies, can often help cells rebalance dysfunction faster. 1

  Pulsed electromagnetic fields act on the causes of diseases rather than the symptoms. The primary feature of this treatment method is the resonance effect of pulsating electromagnetic fields in the body. Vibrations are transmitted as purposeful information to energy-deprived, weak, and unhealthy cells whose function has been disturbed. The magnetic field penetrates the cells from the outside. The cell responds to the impulse with stronger frequencies of its own, resulting in higher cell energy potential. Healthy cells = healthy body!  There are no side effects. The patient only experiences the gentle force of nature, namely the magnetic field of the earth, simulated in the therapy device.

What are the benefits of PEMF Therapy?

  • Improved circulation and delivery of oxygen to the brain, vital organs, and virtually every cell in your body
  • Increased blood oxygen levels 80% to 90%, thus creating an alkaline state in the body (cancer does not thrive in this environment)
  • Dilate blood vessels and increase blood flow
  • Activates the body’s ability to heal itself on the cellular level
  • Stimulate ATP production to provide more energy for the cells.  ATP is often referred to as the energy currency of life. The body's cells use a special form of energy called adenosine triphosphate (ATP) to power almost all their activities, such as muscle contraction, protein construction, transportation of substrates, communication with other cells, activating heat control mechanisms, and dismantling damaged and unused structures.  2
  • Helps the regeneration of the body’s cells – promoting faster healing of strained muscles and sprained ligaments – accelerates the healing of post-operative tissues and scars
  • Strengthens the bone structure providing a measurable increase in bone density
  • Boosts immune system
  • Relieves pain

  Although not a ‘magic bullet', this therapy has caught the eye of many US researchers and healthcare providers alike. The National Institutes of Health have made PEMFs a priority for research. In fact, many PEMF devices have already been approved by the FDA. 3


  Take a moment to read and get a better understanding of why pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is so exciting. You may find PEMF is the missing link in your journey to better health.

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1 Pawluk, William, MD, MSc., “Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields: How They Heal”


3 Wells, S.D., July 5, 2018,

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