Pray & Meditation 

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Why Pray and Meditate?

  Meditation truly goes hand in hand with prayer. It’s been said that in many ways prayer and meditation are twins, but they are not identical twins. Meditation, or “the art of stillness”, is an approach to training the mind, similar to the way we train the body while exercising. Prayer is a type of spiritual communication from a believer to their “Greater Being” and has been steeped in tradition across various world religions. Prayer is deliberate and can include meditating.  Both prayer and meditation help to “still" the soul. They focus on opening your heart, expanding your awareness, and calming your mind.


  Prayer is a deliberate, intentional, willed and grace-filled response by the believer to their God. It may be planned or spontaneous and motivated by a variety of needs. The act of praying may involve several processes including a monologue to God, a dialog, and silence. The end result is that prayer most often has an effect on the believer. 1   Prayer can take place throughout a person’s day, as many have heard the phrase, “Pray without ceasing”. In other words, you are talking to your God throughout the day. Prayer can also be a special way to begin or end the day with a positive message to your soul. Finding a favorite book of verses and reading a short prayer from it everyday can create a habit that again reinforces a positive message to your spirit.


  Meditation is an intentional practice where you begin by deep breathing bringing all your awareness to your breath-inhales and exhales....consciously guiding the mind toward an anchor, or a single point of focus. As you build your meditation practice, dedicate 3 – 5 minutes twice a day at the beginning. After a couple of weeks, though, moving to a larger chunk of time, maybe 8 – 10 minutes twice a day, will be beneficial as you slowly work up to 20 minutes each session.

So Hum Meditation Instructions

• Sit quietly in a comfortable position, feet flat on the floor, hands on thighs

• Close your eyes and settle in by taking a few deep, cleansing breaths

• Start to repeat the mantra "So....Hum" to yourself silently, slowly syncing the rhythm of your breath to the mantra

• As you inhale, silently say the word “So”

• As you exhale, silently say the word “Hum”

• Continue breathing slowly and aligning your mantra to your breath, being careful not to rush your breath

• Each time you notice your mind wander, simply draw your attention back to the mantra "So Hum". It’s perfectly natural for your mind to wander to other things....acknowledge the thought or thoughts, then release them and go back to the "So Hum" mantra

• When your time is up, gently release the mantra, taking a moment to be mindful (just noticing how you’re feeling) and sit quietly before slowly opening your eyes

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There are four possible experiences you may have while meditating: sleep, repeating your mantra (or whatever your focus is), having thoughts, and slipping into the stillness between the thoughts or “the gap". If you have any of these experiences, you are meditating.

The goal of a meditation practice is to simply be present....nothing more.....nothing less.

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I actually used many spiritual healing techniques to help my body return to balance and to boost my immune system. Prayer and meditation were two that really resonated with me and continue to be an integral part of my day. I honestly knew that everything I was doing was for my healing – not just physically, but mentally and emotionally, as well.

By taking control and being proactive, I felt empowered and was not going to leave my healing up to the oncologists and their treatment regimen. I knew without a shadow of a doubt that if I gave my body the right environment, it would heal and that meant giving it peace and calm. Through prayer and meditation, healing happens.

I cannot possibly instruct anyone ‘how’ to pray, but I’ll share with you my routine. I pray as though what I want has already happened. I am confident in my prayers – never wavering. It’s completely normal to be afraid when faced with a cancer diagnosis, scared to death at times, but don’t let the fear overcome you. Recognize the apprehension and push forward.

I like to find a quiet spot when I first wake up in the morning.

- Lori

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1 Stirring the Soul: The Influence of Prayer on Mind and Body, James Baesler