January 23, 2022


Dear Friends,

Reflecting on 2021, we are so very grateful for your tremendous support.  Your commitment to Faith & Gratitude has made it possible for cancer patients to receive our complementary services regardless of their circumstance. This underlying premise is key to our organization as we arm patients with the knowledge and resources to strengthen their mind, body and spirit during treatment and beyond.

Our success this past year was rooted in fostering strong relationships with community groups, adjacent non-profit organizations, physicians, business alliances, and individuals— all dedicated to promoting our cause. Together, we were able to ultimately reach and serve more patients. Behind the scenes, our committed board and volunteers continued to give of their time and talents to define our annual scope and support our outreach programs.

Personal connections are a priority for Faith & Gratitude. Patients can always reach out directly for a private, individualized conversation with us. In addition to ongoing one-on-one support, all of our programs are designed to offer empowerment and education. Here are the highlights of our 2021 program year:

  • Cancer Wellness Event: Our Cancer Wellness Event on July 17 was held at the Westmoreland Museum of Art in Greensburg, PA. Four enlightening speakers shared complementary therapies that help support the immune systems of those going through cancer treatment, and spoke one-on-one with attendees about their specific needs.
  • Online Events: As an extension of our support group, Faith & Gratitude hosted a special five-part chakra series that began in February and ran through April.  Attendees learned how to engage the main energy centers of the body. Our second series, in August and September, focused on the benefits of tapping as a sleep aid.
  • Website: Faith & Gratitude was excited to launch our new website in May. Beautiful visuals alongside a reorganized menu provide an overall better visitor experience. We significantly strengthened our informational content and media capability, and added the ability to register for our events online.
  • Cancer Resource Guide: This core program element is embraced by patients and caregivers for its organizational tools and educational content. We receive requests for guides through word of mouth, on our website, and from alliance partners, including Our Caring Hearts, Mrs. Claus Club, and Hair Peace Charities. We distributed 125 guides last year.
  • New Resources: We expanded our resources in 2021 to include a selection of cancer wellness books for reference and additional support. These books are mailed in conjunction with our Cancer Resource Guide or provided separately to address the individual needs of our patients.
  • Virtual Support Group: Our Celebration Circle is growing through personal connections, mentorships, and meaningful discussion. A wealth of wellness topics are covered in this informal, bi-monthly support group. This is truly a forum for patients to gather, share, encourage, and learn in a welcoming environment.

At the start of 2021, our funding was approximately $56,000 to provide outreach programs to cancer patients. Our total expenses of $34,657 were distributed as follows:

  • Patient Programs 87%
  • Education 1%
  • Administrative 8%
  • Insurance 4%

Once again, flexibility was key, as we adjusted our programs and fundraisers to reflect the circumstances of the pandemic. Our “Girls Night Out” fundraiser planned for summer was first delayed and then finally canceled. In the fall, we pivoted to a direct mail campaign, “PASS IT ON,” encouraging our donor base to share our new website with others. The response from individuals and the business community alike was tremendous, and we raised $45,000 to support our 2022 programs.

In addition to our annual fundraiser, Faith & Gratitude received two significant grants: $6,500 from the Brookstone Foundation for our Cancer Wellness Events and $7,500 from the FirstEnergy Foundation to help fund our Cancer Resource Guides.

As we begin a new program year and continue to build on Faith & Gratitude’s base, we are immensely grateful for your support and excited to see what our future holds. Thank you for truly helping to make a difference in the healing journey of cancer patients.


With Faith & Gratitude

Lori Ball
Founder & Partner

Kathy Alexander