February 26, 2021

Dear Friends,

We began 2020 with excitement and anticipation as we planned to expand on our patient programs from the year prior. But then we were quickly faced with the staggering reality of a global pandemic in March. These incredibly challenging times called for us to pause and determine how to adapt our program strategies to be safe, yet still relevant to our cancer community. We are happy to report that despite the circumstances our mission to provide empowerment and education to cancer patients has never been stronger thanks to your support.

Faith & Gratitude primarily reaches cancer patients through our website, wellness events and one-on-one meetings. We also work with business alliances and non-profit organizations serving cancer patients to expand our patient base. With the dedicated support of our Board and volunteers, Faith & Gratitude’s outreach programs are truly making a difference in the healing journey of patients. Our success is your success – the following is a recap of our 2020 key initiatives.

  • Education: Faith & Gratitude attended the 2020 CAM integrative conference in February where we participated in a wonderful collaboration of doctors, researchers and cancer survivors to discuss new advancements in evidence-based, integrative cancer treatments. Staying up to date on new learnings is critical for our patients and key to our mission.
  • Cancer Wellness Events: Our shift to a virtual speaker series this past year was a must due to the pandemic and it was well received by patients. In the comfort of their homes they could view our speakers and not have to depend on having a “good” day to attend. Our line-up included three integrative cancer experts with diverse backgrounds to share their empowering knowledge. We had over 150 people watch our series.
  • Website: Faith & Gratitude contracted with Ezra Digital to move our website to a new platform. The updated design improves our content delivery and media capabilities, strengthens our informational content, and will now include videos, with the overall goal to enhance our visitor’s experience. Although the development was delayed due to the pandemic, we were able to get back on track in May and are excited to share our new platform with you.
  • Cancer Resource Guide: The distribution of our Cancer Resource Guide to newly diagnosed patients or those going through treatment continues to be an anchor to our program. Along with providing them directly to patients, we partnered with Our Caring Hearts, Mrs. Claus Club, and Hair Peace Charities to distribute 115 guides in 2020.
  • One-on-One Support: Ongoing direct connections with patients continued despite the pandemic. Most communication was via phone and Zoom. Working directly with cancer patients and caregivers will always be a priority as it enables an opportunity for personal connection and shared compassion. We provided one-on-one support to 42 individuals last year.
  • Virtual Support Group: We expanded our program in 2020 to include a bi-monthly virtual support group. Our “Celebration Circle” provides an opportunity to create relationships and exchange meaningful information. A topic of interest always serves to ground the meeting but the importance of merely gathering to support each other is key.

At the start of 2020, our funding was approximately $41,000 to provide outreach programs to cancer patients. Our total expenses of $32,600 were distributed as follows:

  • Patient Programs 81%
  • Education 7%
  • Administrative 8%
  • Insurance 4%

Last fall we made the decision to cancel our annual event planned for October and transition to a Gracious Giving direct mail campaign. The generosity from individuals and the business community alike was tremendous as we raised $36,000 to support our 2021 programs. We were also awarded $7,400 from Westmoreland CARES Nonprofit Support Grant Program. In addition, we have received $5,000 from The Pittsburgh Foundation’s 2020 Wish Book Project to support our 2021 operational costs.

As we continue to build on Faith & Gratitude’s achievements we keep all of you close to our hearts. We look forward to the time when we are able to again celebrate our milestones in person. Thank you again for your incredible support and for making all of this possible.

With Faith & Gratitude

Lori Ball
Founder & Partner

Kathy Alexander