Vision boards

Vision boards to provide clear focus

Vision boards are like bulletin boards – they display a collage of pictures and words that hold deeper meaning and provide inspiration to the ‘artist’. Hopes, aspirations, and dreams are reflected on a single board to positively remind the creator of how they want to feel and just as importantly…how they want to visualize their future. It could be exceptional health, inner peace, or all of the things that you want your life to encompass.

Who Should Make a Vision Board?

Vision boards are for everyone. When someone is going through a health crisis, a vision board can be an impactful visualization tool, ideal for achieving a positive mindset that promotes healing.

Creating a special space that displays what you want can truly bring it to life. Think of it this way-what we focus on expands. When you create a vision board and display it where you can see it often, you essentially end up doing short visualization exercises throughout the day. Or you can intentionally choose a time everyday to look at your board and envision your aspirations.

How to Create a Vision Board

Tools: large poster or cork board, scissors, tape, glue, magazines, favorite pictures, markers, paper

  • Step 1. Think of what makes you most happy .. what makes you feel peaceful or calm? Who are the most important people in your life? What color do you love? What saying or quote gives you a good feeling inside?
  • Step 2. Page through magazines and your favorite photos. What makes you smile? If you have access to a computer – take the time to google pictures or things you love like the ocean, a sunset, ice cream, your friends and family. What pictures align with what you want to achieve? Do any of the pictures jump out at you? Pull aside any of the images and photos that seem to speak to you.
  • Step 3. What phrases or quotes sum up what you want for your future, or which ones make you feel really good inside? Write down these sayings with colorful markers or print them out.
  • Step 4. Now you should have a host of visuals and words to assemble on your board. Tape or paste them … they can overlap if you want. Just enjoy assembling this puzzle together – it will make you smile!
  • Step 5. Take the time to reflect and look at your board often. Let the pictures and words empower you about your life and where you are going.
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