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As you read this, a little over 2 million people are facing cancer in the U.S. alone.
The reality is that many of these patients find themselves in the battle of their lives without a support system or understanding of how they can nurture their mind, body, and spirit during treatment. At Faith & Gratitude, we’re working to fill this gap by helping patients learn how to support themselves holistically and keep their immune systems as strong as possible. With your help, we can bring patients this other side of the equation and empower them to take action.

Partner With Us

Partner With Us

Become a sponsor of Faith & Gratitude and help us support our mission of empowering cancer patients on their journey to better health. Your support will go directly toward Cancer Resource Guides, Patient-Centered Events, One-on-One Patient Meetings, Website Education, Support Group, and Speaker Series.

All of our sponsors are highlighted on our website and at patient events. Interested in joining the fight? Click below to learn more about our sponsorship tiers.

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Host an Event

If you want to help our mission and provide support that will make a difference in a patient’s journey – join us by hosting a fundraising event.

Community Fundraisers
Rally Behind Cancer Patients

Faith & Gratitude has been fortunate to have community alliances that are inspired to host fundraising events on our behalf.  If you’re interested in hosting an event, there are many ways to raise funds: hold a community benefit at your local eatery; create a neighborhood walk-a-thon; or simply select Faith & Gratitude as your non-profit recipient if your organization makes an annual donation. The ideas are boundless –– and our gratitude is unending.

Faith & Gratitude

Intimate Gatherings
Come Together With Friends and Family

Small gatherings make an impact, too. Your event for Faith & Gratitude can be as simple as a casual neighborhood dinner with friends or a fun family bike-a-thon. Make it your own special celebration. The enjoyment of being with one another is even more meaningful when gathering for a cause. Just ask your guests to make a donation to help Faith & Gratitude fight cancer in advance. Together, we can make a difference, one patient at a time.

Faith & Gratitude

Share our Site
Pass It On

Does someone you know have cancer? Pass on our site,, and give them a wealth of information at their fingertips. Together with their doctor, your friend or family member will become empowered and learn holistic strategies to keep their immune system strong on their road to recovery.

You can also participate in our PASS IT ON campaign. During this campaign, we encourage our community to share our site and donate $2 to help support outreach programs for cancer patients. Our goal is to reach 1,000 new individuals through this campaign. The power of passing it on can go a long way –– and it starts with you.

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Stay Informed

Stay positive and be proactive with healthy tips, new research, favorite recipes, and upcoming events!